We grew Patheos.com into a thriving, massive site without a single ad dollar by leveraging creative content, technology and new media strategies. Let us help you find your digital voice, build your internet architecture, or tell your online story.

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Timothy Dalrymple, PhD

CEO, Polymath Innovations
Chief, Patheos Labs

Leo Brunnick

CEO, Patheos, Inc.

Seth Chernoff

CEO, Streamline Interactive

Stephen McCaskell

Chief Designer

Chris Arnold

Video Storyteller

Bill Blankschaen

VP of Content
Writer, Strategist

David Charles, PhD

Chief Content Officer
Strategist, Writer

Daniel Coulbourne

Chief Web Developer

Jonathan Halcomb

Experiential Designer

Jeff Trojek

Graphic Designer


Patheos Labs

While many web consultancies specialize in one area, few have actually built and run successful websites soup-to-nuts. In Patheos Labs, you have the strongest possible evidence of our talents and competence in the web world: a large, thriving website built with little money and a lot of creativity and hard work.

We provide industry-leading digital solutions for clients of all kinds. If you can imagine it, we can do it – from UI/UX design to print design, digital books to professional presentations, search engine optimization to social media campaigns, animations to content creation. Let's get started today.

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