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Patheos, Inc., was formed in 2008 and launched Patheos.com in May of 2009. Birthed from the Patheos team, and built on the expertise of developing the world’s largest religion and spirituality website, Polymath Innovations, LLC began to serve clients in January of 2013. (Patheos Labs is the brand name for the collaboration between Polymath Innovations and Patheos.) Polymath is a boutique creative agency headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia, devoted especially to businesses and nonprofits doing morally significant work. We offer a full suite of digital creative services including web design and development, branding and graphic design, animation and video storytelling, creative content development, social media marketing, strategic communications, and strategic consulting. Our team represents a unique combination of communicators and creatives, teachers and technologists, and is especially well positioned for content and web development strategy that requires not only technological, but cultural and even theological sophistication.

Over the course of five years, the Patheos team launched, constructed and curated a thoughtful religion website that now attracts almost ten million unique visitors and about 20 million page views per month. Without venture capital funding, Patheos (a for-profit enterprise) learned to be exceptionally agile and creative when it came to effectively developing content strategy, social media strategy, data-driven design, search engine optimization, and the like.

Our team includes the two people who were most involved in shaping the content strategy of the site, Dr. Timothy Dalrymple and David Charles. The Polymath Innovations/Patheos Labs team learned how to develop thoughtful, culturally relevant content, deploy that content on an effective web platform, and build an audience through social media, search, and strategic alliances. We recognized that we could leverage the things that we had learned for other organizations, helping them develop their digital voice, tell their story online, and curate a growing community of content and contributors.

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Patheos Labs, in partnership with Polymath Innovations, helps organizations find their digital voice.